In formal french: au calme

  1.  Peaceful, relaxed and calm

OKLM is the SMS version of “au calme”. The use of OKLM is a little bit tricky, it is mainly added after a situation to highlight that nothing is being stressful, everything is cool. Let’s look at some examples:

J’étais dans le bus, et le gars il enlève ses chaussures et met ses pieds sur le siège à coté de moi OKLM. I was in the bus, and a dude just took of his shoes and put his feet on the seat right next to mine, OKLM.
Here OKLM is used in the sense of “everything is normal”, the guy who took of his shoes doesn’t care if anyone looks at him or if he bothers anyone.

Je rentrais chez moi OKLM et je me suis fait accoster par les témoins de Jéhovah. I was peacefully(OKLM) going home and I got accosted by the Jehovah witnesses.
In this example OKLM is used as “peacefully”, the person going home was in her own peaceful bubble until she got disturbed.

Je suis pas prêt mais je passe mon exam demain OKLM. I am unprepared and I am taking my exam tomorrow OKLM.
Here OKLM highlights the fact the the exam taker is super relaxed, even though he has to take a test he is not prepared for.



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