Bail Noun (masculine) In formal French: plan, truc, affaire (depending on the context) A good deal, how you do sth, something good one knows about Où est-ce que t’as trouvé ça? Fais tourner le bail. Where…

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Baratin Noun (Masculine) Bullshit Arrête avec ton baratin! Cut the crap! J'ai réussi à emballer tout le monde avec mon baratin. I managed to convince everyone with my bullshit.  

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Beauf Noun French redneck Redneck was the closest English word I could find to translate beauf, but it does not fully express the feelings behind that word. Beauf is the shortened version of beau frère, which means…

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Becter Verb In formal french : Manger To eat Gros, t'as pas un truc à becter?  Bro, have you got something to eat?  

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Béger Verb In formal French: Vomir pronounced : bégère To throw up  J'ai trop bu, je sens que je vais bientôt béger. I drank too much, I think I will have to puke soon.

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Benner Verbe In formal french: jeter à la poubelle To trash something J'ai benné tous mes vieux habits. I threw away all my old clothes.  

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Beuh Noun (feminine) In formal french: cannabis Weed Originally the word was "herbe" (weed), which was flipped around "beuher" and then shortened to become "beuh". Tu sais où est-ce que je peux acheter de la beuh? Do…

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  • 13 January 2019
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BG (Beau Gosse) Acronym Attractive young man Although gosse means kid, beau gosse is used for attractive young men, not kids. Tu vois le mec là bas? C'est tellement un BG. You see that guy there? He…

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